The Oketani Method - Breast massage providing comfort and peace of mind

What is Oketani ?

The Oketani Method is an unique breast massage created in Japan by Ms. Sotomi Oketani (1913-2004). This method is based upon practical breastfeeding theory, but is original in its practice. It is now attracting world-wide attention. Oketani breast massage improves breastmilk secretion, can prevent and treat problems such as mastitis. In addition, the massage is painless, allowing your body to relax and breathe, something very much appreciated by mothers.

The Oketani breast massage consists of massaging and milking the base of the breasts. These delicate glands are massaged as well as protected. Expertise is a must.
Sotomi Oketani taught this breast massage method only to midwives. Currently there are 600 Oketani-trained technicians all over Japan, and about half of them have opened a breastfeeding counseling room (midwifery clinic) to support breastfeeding.

For people who are interested in becoming an Oketani-trained technician

At the Oketani Breastfeeding Training Center, we train our midwives to attain the highest level of expertise in breastfeeding support. After completion of training, they are able to provide total quality of care and full peace of mind to mothers and their babies as they embark on their breastfeeding journey.

In addition to emphasizing rigorous practical training of Sotomi Oketani's methods, the curriculum also includes lectures from experts on the latest breastfeeding-related science.

Upon graduation from the program, newly certified Oketani technicians will be able to open breastfeeding counseling centers in their area and/or work as leaders of breastfeeding teams at birthing facilities.